The Bard of Brady Square Blows The Boat to Bolivia Out of the Water!  Martin Stephenson and The Daintees - Bayswater Road. BAYSWATER ROAD is a quintessential Martin Stephenson record...

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With songs like this, Martin will be around for another 20 years!
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Just in time for Christmas the ever-prolific Martin Stephenson accompanied by The Daintees have come along with an album that will have any party up on it's collective feet and dancing; whether it's having a knees-up or waltzing the night away.

Ralph's Life:


Thirty-one years since he released the debut album, Boat To Bolivia (and one since the re-recorded version), Martin Stephenson gathers together the current Daintees line-up, still comprising founding member John Steel on lead guitar and his drummer wife Kate Stephenson with recentish arrival Christopher Mordey on bass, for their eighth studio album 

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It’s difficult to know where Martin fits into today’s world of compartmentalised music. Bayswater Road is a mixture of rockabilly, 50s pop and alt country but all done with the sensibilities of the singer-songwriter that Martin always was. There are many serious songs here – don’t go away with the idea that it’s all fun



I’m sure Martin G Stephenson, of this parish has some weird form of Musical Tourrettes; as the ideas just spring forth from his over active imagination and he can’t stop himself recording them. Over the past few years he has hardly finished recording one album when his is back in a studio recording something completely different, but just as relevant and of an equally high quality as when he was a young poppet singing on Top of the Pops....

Bayswater Road review - The Rocking Magpie


This was the first Daintees Christmas Party that I’ve missed in years; but thanks to the kind people at Daintees Towers it is being released initially as a two part download on Bandcamp...

LIVE at Newcastle City Hall (Dec 2016) Bandcamp - The Rocking Magpie



If you aren’t already a paid member of the Martin Stephenson and the Daintees Fan Club, you should stop reading now, as I don’t want to share this secret with anyone else....

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Martin Stephenson must be one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in the music industry and because he’s no longer bogged down by the vagaries of Record Labels he can make and release albums when the mood or muse takes him.For BUMPER BROWN he has got together with long-term friend and occasional band member Jim Hornsby to record some songs and tunes in the Skip Records Studio ‘just because they could’ and the result is wonderful.....

Martin Stephenson & Jim Hornsby – Bumper Brown - The Rocking Magpie



The song first appeared on their shared album HAMILTON SQUARE in 2009, in a much more restrained and intimate form. Here the arrangement is full band and the tone is joyful – the rhythm section in particular on great form.

Haunted Highway - The Mouth Magazine


Most albums I review take at least three listens before I get a ‘feel’ for them. Others can take several weeks. But, by the time I heard track #4, "Hobo Trains", I had to stop the car and scribble down some notes. Twenty minutes later, the same happened with the second instrumental on "Haunted Highway" and the instrumental "Johnny Red" (which was like The Shadows meet Duane Eddy). I can’t remember the last time an album excited me so much.
Haunted Highway - No Depression


When Martin Stephenson and his band the Daintees released their debut album, Boat to Bolivia, in 1986 it had a freshness that was difficult to find outside the fey groups of C86 indiepop kids. With a bit of folk, a dash of blues, a pinch of country and a light smattering of ragtime, all leavened with a healthy pop sensibility, Durham-born Stephenson and his cohorts produced a winning combination. Almost 40 albums later Stephenson is back with the Daintees to produce California Star, which is in many ways a bookend to his debut. Even to the extent of finishing with a light reggae track, ‘I’m in Love for the First Time’, just like the reissued version of his debut finished with the reggae-tinged title track. In the intervening years Stephenson has meandered through solo and duet projects, but there’s clearly something about The Daintees that brings out the best in him. Tracks like the bluesy ‘Ready to Move On’, the mellow ‘Silverbird’ and ‘Long Way to Go’, with its Duane Eddy opening, stand comparison with anything Stephenson has recorded. What’s more, California Star’s gorgeous title track is available as a free download along with two older songs at Stephenson and the band are touring in support of California Star through to the end of October (dates on his website), and you really owe it to yourself to see him live. There you can see the most affable man in music in his natural environment. Deft guitar playing, playful humour and a nice line in selfdeprecation guaranteed.
California Star - Jonathan Roscoe - Shire Folk


I first encountered Martin Stephenson in 1984 on the night of my one and only attempt at being a roadie; as the original incarnation of the Daintees were second on a bill of four local acts at the world famous Balmbora’s Music Hall in Newcastle. All four bands were on the same local record label and went on to varying levels of success with the bottom of the bill group being Prefab Sprout performing in public for the very first time.

California Star - The Rocking Magpie


"Maybe one day he’ll be seen in the same light as my previous article artist, Elvis Costello, as they do have many similarities in their music, but only time will tell. This album may hopefully address that."
California Star - StevoMusicMan - 2013


"...Martin’s winning combination of vulnerability & humour are well to the fore, & the album’s high points are many and scattered liberally throughout"
California Star - Box Of Peppers - 2013


"... a seemingly effortless clutch of memorable songs that mark out Martin Stephenson as an exceptional but, frustratingly, underrated song writer."
California Star - Northern Cowgirl 2013


"... the masses can now enjoy the intelligent wordplay and sheer joy of a Martin Stephenson album."
California Star - No Depression 2013


"There’s no doubt that he is critically acclaimed as one of this Country’s finest songwriters, and quite rightly so."
California Star - Louder Than War 2013


"The album as a whole is an acoustic masterpiece ..."
California Star - MusicEyz 2013


"It's a testament to the ability of one of the country's finest songwriters to be able to get inside your head with his words and musicality ..."
California Star (EP) - Ralph's Life 2013


" eclectic range of musical styles, from Zappa & Beefheart, through Rockabilly, old time string music to straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll"
California Star - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 2013


"There's a lot of Americana on display here, but we get country music, Spanish sounds, gospel, folk, blues and a lot more"
California Star - Music Street Journal 2013


"If you’re a filmmaker, well known or otherwise, you must check out the Daintees"
California Star - Zoiks Online 2013


"... Stephenson and company are clearly intent on providing something special for everyone"
California Star - Blurt Online 2013


"His voice just floats out of the speakers along with some slide guitar licks spread over the top, that makes it so radio friendly"
California Star - Ramblings Of A Music Man 2013


"Martin Stephenson should be a household name. Fact"
California Star - Hiapop 2013


"... each song creates a buzzing microcosm which the singer inhabits and expands to let his listener in"
California Star - Let It Rock June 2013


" ... written and performed with such love and hopefulness that the whole world seems like a brighter place after listening."
Boat To Bolivia - Box Of Peppers - 2013


"My epiphany was reached while listening to ‘The Boy’s Heart’ by much-loved (in these parts anyway) Martin Stephenson and The Daintees."
The Boy's Heart - Box Of Peppers - 2013


"... the expansive arrangements of Salutation Road offer a grander setting for Stephenson's talents as a singer/songwriter"
Salutation Road - Babe(B)Logue, 2009


"...Stephenson’s songs ooze charm and wit, with little regard for fads or fashions."
Western Eagle - Record Collector 2008


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