Brady Square


Walking through the streets of Brady Square

Memories of all the people there

Feeling like a stranger lost without a care

Walking through the streets of Brady Square

Heading to my house but there's no one there

Feeling like a ghost on the streets of Brady Square


Well it had to be some time, could never be no time

I see the Tarmac beach and the green of the Terraces oh yeah!

I'm thinking about Tot Lewins, Ernie Hardy, Polly Ferry

And a whole host of locals been and gone

I'm a boy from St Joseph's and I’m on the run


I’m roaming around with my ping pong bat

I see the Shiney Row boys heading up to attack

I have my birds egg collection hidden in the wash house yeah!

My uncle Charles was a dog-handler in the army

But when he hits the Vic baby he goes barmy

See the cobbler’s sunflower high above the prefabs yeah


Jimmy Chadwick, Mary Todd, Howard Kendal and John Kinross

Just ghosts of my memory shape the way I see

Catherine wheels, London lights, Jonty Colson doing Tarzan with all his might

And the bus shelter was the HQ of the BSAB!

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