Martin Stephenson and the Daintees - Chi Chi & the Jaguar

The new Daintees album entitled Chi Chi & The Jaguar is now available for purchase via PayPal, details below:

Named after Chi Chi Nakamura, guitarist in Japan’s no.1 female surf band, the opening and title track is a fine & raucous surf instrumental blasting insane guitars and drums, check out the drum fill on the intro,  pulled out the air by our rhythm maestro Ms Kate Stephenson, who packs a 10 outta 10 performance as far as I'm concerned! Awesome Kate x
John Steel has once again put down an array of killer solos and riffs, always memorable and classy in an epic effort whilst laden with flu!

Chris Mordey nails the bass guitar on this his 2nd Daintees studio album, originally performing on our 1st single in 1982 ‘Roll on Summertime’. A couple of songs from that era are visited here in a super fresh way, (Come Back To Me & Cecil) showing the power and timelessness of the Daintees 39 year repertoire. Special guest backing vocalists Anna Lavigne, Davy Cowan and my old pal Ally Macleod make fine contributions throughout this unique album, could be the best Daintees album yet, very strong in lyric, music and song. Cover art by Niall Tessier-Lavigne.

Here is a SoundCloud ‘Top & Tail’ sojourn through this unique offering, with specially edited snippets to give a flavour of this beautiful record.

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For UK residents the cost is £11.50, EU residents £13.50 and rest of the world £14.50 includes P&P.

This album will also be available on vinyl in 4-5 weeks time, you can order at the same time or separately. 
Again only available through Paypal for £22.50 UK, £24.00 EU and £25.50 rest of the world. If you are interested in pre-ordering a vinyl copy please  use the same Paypal details as above.

For both CD & vinyl package together: £32.50 UK, £34.00 EU and £35.50 rest of the world.

Thank you for supporting Daintees releases, we try to keep the business subtle and packed with integrity.

Cheers and Blessings

Martin Stephenson xx

Some re background on this special project from Martin
"In the early days The Daintees would record demos, they would of course be flawed and low budget, then the powers that be would put us in expensive studios with producers and big budgets in an attempt to bring the songs to their full potential. Understandable and appreciated, alas the universe had a different perspective and I truly feel most of our recordings got nowhere near the true spirit of the Daintees, one or two did but it was always the demos that had the magic, as the Daintees weren't truly a recording band, we were very much of the moment and a live band. That is still true to this day, but with the new album, which I have financed myself through the grace of the musicians contributing their time and love, I feel I've got it right. I have produced, recorded and mixed, mastered it, and it truly has the spirit of the Daintees
MS xx"

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