Newsletter JULY 2017

Smells Of Summer

July Tour

As you can see Martin is embarking on a solo tour next month, playing a select bunch of lovely venues. Tickets for all are available on the web site here.

Trafford FC (G2017)

A special mention for this one. Dedicated to an old

friend of Martin and many of us, Andy Semple,

Martin along with Steve, Darren and Eliza will be

playing outdoors at Trafford FC (Andy's beloved

football club). There will be a bar and a barbecue,

it will be child friendly and providing the bloody sun

comes out it should be a great afternoon and evening 

with Martin headlining. Proceedings start at 5pm.

If you are in the area then I strongly suggest you set

this date aside, it promises to be very special.

Tickets available here.

Coming Up...

Following on from the summer activities there is plenty to look forward to... Martin and The Daintees have just completed recording a new album Bayswater Road, and in tandem have been working on the 30th Anniversary re-recording of the classic album Gladsome, Humour And Blue. The latter will be released next year. Keep an eye on this newsletter for more details of both.

To support Bayswater Road, the band will be heading out on tour in November and December. Again dates and ticket links are up on the web site.

To Finish...

Posters for some of the solo gigs...feel free to share on your social media. Be great to get new and old fans along whenever possible. Hopefully catch you at a gig soon!


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