GH&B 30 Tour Focus Part 3

The Final Push!

Sheffield Crookes Social Club

The tour continues...! Sadly yours truly had to miss the Bury gig but once again reports coming in had nothing but praise for the tour of the year...and at last I caught up with Martin and The Daintees in Sheffield.

Crookes WMC was a cracking venue, an ace stage and big space for dancing or otherwise. The set was absolutely blinding. The full Gladsome, Humour And Blue album including the great b-side Get, Get Gone. The band seemed to relax into it as it went on and the sound got better and better too...difficult to find words to describe how good it was by the time they got to I Pray!

They followed the album with a handful of Boat To Bolivia classics plus The Whiskey (from Bayswater Road) and Anna Lavigne joined them all to sing a track from the latest album Thomasina. 

In summary, absolutely top notch.


Compact Discs


You remember them....before that old vinyl revival. Well anyway, a number of Martin's recent releases that were previously only available as downloads from Bandcamp are now available for purchase in that nice silver disc format.

Have a glance here.

Speaking of albums, the wonderful re-recording of Gladsome, Humour And Blue has been garnering some great reviews around the place, including this one in RnR magazine.


Get out to a gig! It's really ace.


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