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Gladsome House Tour...and more...

Gladsome Tidings


2018 sees the 30th Anniversary of the release of The Daintees 2nd and some may say, 

best album, Gladsome Humour & Blue. In celebration, we're pleased to reveal a solo tour

with a difference. 

The idea is that Martin will visit your home, armed with a guitar and take you by the hand

as he leads you through the record, sharing stories, talking of the players, the recording,

and playing some songs - just for you and your friends.

After a bite to eat, some chilli, a curry, or whatever you can rustle up, it's on to side 2

before Martin bids you farewell, leaving you with memories of a precious, unique,

intimate evening.

We will be taking bookings for February and March, Monday to Thursday.

For details, or to make a booking, get in touch by emailing







The Winchester Sessions

A very rare recording done in Winchester last October after a show that Martin, along with Neil James Morrison (fiddle) and Jimmy Cole (banjo) did at The Railway Tavern on 12th October 2017. The boys had a day off before heading to play a 15th-century church in Newton Abbot and decided to have a little fun recording. Martin randomly googled 'recording studios Winchester' and came across Dr Barnaby and his studio, Dr Barnaby, a full-time lung and bronchial surgeon, and also a bassist in a death metal band seemed just the right guy. They all decided to work at Barnaby's house putting fiddler Neil James Morrison in the dining room, Martin and Jimmy got the lounge to stretch out their long legs. It was a beautiful session and recorded with such sensitivity, this is a really special moment in time and beautifully recorded, all played in first or 2nd takes and live, the boys didn't know what was coming next, reason being Martin didn't, but the sensitivity and awareness is at the highest level of music, way past the mathematics of jazz or mapped out classical, well worth having in your collection.

Available for download here at Bandcamp .





Martin and I would very much like to point you towards an excellent book on football written by friend and

musician Steve O' Donoghue...over to Steve:-

"The book is called Junior Football - It's not a man's game. 

 What's it all about?

If you have ever played football, have a child that plays football or have been barmy enough to coach football,

then this book is a must. It is the story of one man, a father, who volunteered to manage his sons’ local football

team on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. A journey that takes him across rain-soaked football pitches,

with overbearing parents, unhappy substitutes, dictator-like referees and penalty shoot-outs all in the course

of their first season.

Along with the ups and downs, the team endures throughout the season, the book also exposes the ugly more

sinister side of our children's game, the relationship between players and parents, and uncovers the backlash

when parents and coaches expectations collide.

Offering an insight into the amount of work it takes to coach grassroots football and effects the coaching has on his private life. It uncovers an honest, humorous and sometimes poignant account of a man who just wants the best for his players.

And as he says,

“We’ve had our chance, it’s their turn now... “

Steve has had some excellent reviews already for this, here's just a few:-

"Stuffed full of tender truths, funny, insightful. You don't have to be a footie nut to enjoy this. A wonderful read"

"I read the book 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it, it had a true insight into the good and bad of coaching junior football. 
A well recommended read for anyone man, woman, boy or girl who has ever liked the beautiful game, with a good few laughs thrown in."

"This bloody book! I was crying six pages in, with your recollections about your dad taking you to Maine Road for the first time then later as you describe Tristan's last days and final farewell.
I'm 49 pages in and I realise I'm halfway through it, I don't want it to end.........laughter and tears, the perfect publication, it's brilliant mate."

"A wonderful read, I found myself laughing regularly also the odd tear in my eye too. The author gives an honest and insightful account of how difficult it is coaching kids while at the same time dealing with every aspect of running an amateur club."

"I doff my cap to Steve and all coaches like him up and down the country for their time given and dedication they show in coaching our children, the next Gazza’s and who knows, possibly Englands next World Cup winning captain...We can but dream!!

You can buy the book from Steve's website here.


And finally...

A quick shout up for a gig that I will be attending all being well in East Yorkshire. Martin will be playing at Beverley's excellent Monks Walk pub on Friday 16th February (care - this was originally planned for the Saturday but it had to be moved). Hope to see some folk there!

Thanks for your support.

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