Newsletter JULY 2018

New Album and Winter Tour



A message from Martin regarding a special new release...

"This is the front cover of a limited edition album entitled Thomasina, a tribute to my

beautiful aunt who we lost 5 years ago aged 69,  a very beautiful and creative soul.
I have just found out from her son, my cousin Jamie Harwood the pic was actually taken

when she was in her 40's by his Dad Brian, yet she looks so young, I would have thought

she was in her mid 20's, amazing?
This new album is dedicated to Thomasina, as I've been meaning to make a gift to her

for a while, the title track named after her has faint Donovanesque echoes, which I hope

she'd like?
300 copies will be manifested via FB, live gigs and website only! no record companies as

I'd rather transmit this album to 300 folks who get the vibe, rather than play that awful

marketing game, let's call it microcosmic biz instead of Alan Sugar shit!, besides, a

painter would be pretty happy selling 300 paintings surely? it pays for the production

and you can start all over again, the best way to work?
Also the song 'Darling Flower' written for Anna Lavigne, is featured on this album,

Anna did quite a bit of co-writing on this record and added some lovely Marianne Faithful/Astrud Gilberto style backing vocals.
Recorded in Nairn at the home of engineer/producer Ken Allardyce (Ry Cooder, Yardbirds, Diana Ross) mind you he only used two mics on us hah! 
This album is available by advanced order using PayPal and the email: Please use "Friends & Family" setting so Paypal can't tax me, the buggers!
Also not forgetting to add your address, the cost UK is £11.50 and rest of the world £14.00 Many thanks from the microcosm and power of the small.


Martin xx"

Gladsome, Humour And Blue
30th Anniversary Tour 


As we've alluded to before and you may well have seen around the place

already, Martin and The Daintees set off on a tour in November specifically

to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their classic 2nd album. 

Dates below and tickets available from the website gig page. 

The 30th anniversary re-recording will be available on the merch stalls!


Keep enjoying the smells of summer! (if you're on the London Underground

I apologise!)


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