Q:  How can we contact your management team and press representative?


A:  A full list of contact details are on the press page of this website but here’s the details for the team!

For example…


Andrew Bailey  Email: andrew@takingstock.org.uk Mobile:  07778 558015


Q:  Great website Martin but do you maintain it yourself?

A:  Thanks, there’s a small team of us who update the site each with our own little areas.



Q:  You’re always associated with a guitar and a hat – where do you get your hats?

A:  These days I pick em up from my mate Geoff’s shop Union, they sell great BRIXTON hats in there, I usually buy one a year, but in the old days I had to get em out of 2nd hand stores due to students constantly nicking them off my head, I was going through 2 hats per gig heh!


Q:  You play a small guitar at gigs, about half sized. Who made it?

A:  It’s a Yairi Parlour guitar and is actually nearer the right size for a guitar from the 1800’s, it’s only later that the Spanish and the American’s experimented making the bodies bigger for loudness, just like speakers I suppose!


Q:  I’ve not heard your music before Martin. Where’s a good place to start?

A:  Thanks for coming by the website, why not start with something for nothing!  The 3 song Daintees EP is released with love as FREE download, available here http://daintees.bandcamp.com/album/california-star-ep


Q:  We all know you’re a Geordie but do you still live in Newcastle?

A:  Haha, no I moved to the Scottish Highlands 21 years ago, but have strong links with the North of England still, many close friends and family still there.


Q:  Your music is available on Bandcamp, what made you choose them as an outlet?

A:  Simple!  They support the artist more than most other online outlets.  The albums are on itunes and Amazon etc too but Bandcamp only take a small commission and pass the rest straight to the artist.  They’re a great company to work with and make it easy for the artist and the listener.  I really like that people can listen before buying and make their own minds up before deciding whether to download.


Q:  How can I arrange to book you for a gig?

A:  Thanks for asking.  Andrew Bailey is one of the team and he looks after all bookings.  You can call him on 07778 558015 or 01772 640937.  If you prefer you can send him an initial email to andrew@takingstock.org.uk



Q:  What’s the most unusual venue you’ve ever played?

A:  The Isle of Erraid, 24 folks at the gig and 3 were incoming Fishermen, no PA system, completely acoustic, the islanders are very special and have their own song capsule up in the hill where folks can sing together and look across the sea to Iona, which is only hundreds of yards away!


Q:  What advice would you give an aspiring musician/unsigned artist?

A:  Always keep control of your own art.  Become your own publisher and never give anyone the rights to your work, no matter how poor you may become!



Q:  Who taught you to play the guitar?

A:  There are many, my sister Janet taught me a little as did my cousin Jamie Harwood, also Roy Buchannan, Doc Watson, Jim Hornsby and Gary Dunn but most importantly, everyone I have taught have been my best teachers, you learn so much by teaching!



Q:  Who is/was your biggest inspiration musically?

A:  Jonathan Richman, Captain Beefheart, Lou Reid, Blue Mink and Frank Zappa, all of punk movement and Roddy Frame. My cousin Jamie Harwood was probably my biggest inspiration, we loved writing songs together x



Q:  Are you from a musical family?

A:  Well not really.  My old man could knock a tune out of a piano, but very rarely. He is also a great comedian, very witty with great timing. I learned a lot from him on his travelling shop in the late 60′s when I would go around the council houses with him, he had a great patter!


Q:  Of all your many wonderful songs is there one that means the most to you?

A:  The song Rain is a joy to share with folks, it came so easy



Q:  When you write a song where/who/what do you draw your inspiration from?

A:  Just the here and now, for that is the zone creative.


Q:  What is the first song you ever wrote?

A:  A wee song called ‘Cherryade & Rock & Roll’ when I was fourteen 


Q:  You look so fit and well Martin and seem to have so much positive energy, what is your secret?

A:  Well, I don’t drink or smoke and I do a small series of exercises from Tibet. If you google ‘The Five Tibetans’ or search Youtube, its the best gift I could give you. x


Q:  Is there a particular artist you wish you had or would like to collaborate with?

A:  Nope, I am full, a lot of my fave artists you would never know.


Q:  I’ve heard that you do online gigs, how do they work and how can I find out more?

A:  www.stageit.com   or contact our webmaster via this link


Q:  Are there any other instruments you play?

A:  Ukelele, Bass guitar and I love doing percussion


Q:  Name one song by another artist that you wish you’d written?

A:  ‘I’m a little airplane’ by the wonderful Jonathan Richman


Q:  Where does the name “The Daintees” come from?

A:  A tiny toffee made in the Highlands of Scotland. My beautiful departed friend Michael Hedley told me I should use the name one Sunday morning in 1980 at Newcastle’s Museum Vaults whilst we were watching the trad jazz. He had been to see Orange Juice the night before and the band had picked him up hitch hiking home between Durham and Newcastle. Michael loved Orange Juice, as did I. Edwyn was a real inspiration to us, we were just gone 19 then. Mental illness took my poor friend’s life aged 33, this devastated me, Shippy, Adam Collerton and many others. I wrote the song ‘Most Peculiar Man’ for Michael in 1995. He was a beautiful soul and we still miss him x



Q:  What do you think the future is for cd/vinyl over internet downloads?

A:  Funnily enough I think vinyl will have a comeback, already is in USA! 

Digipacks are quite nice I suppose

I can understand the need for downloads and CD’s are still popular, there’s space for every kinda medium, I like the idea of limited runs mind!


Q:  I’ve got a discount code for an album of yours, how do I use it?

A:  Simple! Just enter the discount code during checkout in our online shop (powered by Bandcamp) which is located under the music tab on this website


Q:  I haven’t got a discount code, where can I find them?

A:  Great question! Here’s one for you, the code is faq15  and it will get you 15% off everything bought via the ‘music’ section of this website! Enjoy the music.

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