Juan Fitzgerald

Is our longest serving photographer doing many shoots and documenting the band since 1987. 

I first met Juan in the Granary Bar, Washing Arts Farm Centre in 1985, along with my cuz Jamie Harwood and best pal Peter Macadam, we were all living in the flats nick named The Spanish Village.

I did my first session with Juan in early 1987 and one of these shots became the front cover of The Daintee's 2nd album Gladsome, humour and blue.

Originally of Spanish descent, Juan is a highly curious energy who simply never stops clicking, he has that fearless spirit behind a camera, thinking that bullets and trains will simply evaporate through him, along with three other great North East photographers - MIke Chavez, Charles Holly & Alan Harrison, documenting the roots and Americana scene since the mid 80’s, as far as their skills go there is not much in it, only the individual essences, but with Juan’s long term connection to The Daintee's, we are choosing him as our number one photographer. 

On behalf of all the Daintees, thank you Juan!

Martin xx

Gateshead Caedmon Hall, May 25th, 2017

Featured musicians… Nick Rickard, Frankie Gibbon and Phoebe Stephenson
Photos Juan Fitzgerald:

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