Guitar Trees


You are guitar trees, guitar trees

From every wood that’s been

The echo of the forest reveals your chosen dream

Guitar trees, guitar trees

Beyond the fallen scream

Gifting us with music and fulfilling every dream


When you sang in the forest

In the swamp, in the plain

Did you know you would carry the lament’s long refrain

All the longing and rejoicing

All the raging and the ire

As they dragged your bodies down

To the desecrating fire




Oh my trees, I have wept

as you lay there in the rain

Carved into, uprooted then discarded once again

Now here comes a man

who will make you sing anew

Tenderly he’ll shape you

and then liberate your muse




Now you wait in the shadows

Til his hands coax you through

Into the sunlight of a bright soulful tune

Body of alder, neck of maple hue

Rosewood and cedar for the gypsy jazz in you



© 2020 Sound Ideas Media