Hello and welcome to the Barbaraville label/collective.


This is purely a safety raft to try help support artists who I feel should be heard beyond the village.


When I was young I got to work and hang with some amazingly talented folks.


My manager back then was a 22 year old kid called Keith Armstrong, I was helping him paint his flat in Newcastle whilst we were listening to a Prefab Sprout demo on a paint splattered ghetto blaster, of course, I had been gigging on the same circuit as the Sprouts since 1978, when in a band called Strange Relations, ironically also on that circuit were The Green Eyed Children who would later become Hurrah!


But what I noticed about Keith was that he saw something from it’s infancy to it’s entirety and that gift would soon make him one of the best managers in the world, I worked closely with him between 1982/92 and soaked a lot up about A&R skills (artist development) which at that time I didn’t even notice or could’ve imagine being useful, but over the past 5 years have really come into fruition


Through  working closely with London Records genius Roger Ames, and producers such as Pete Anderson (Michelle shocked/Dwight Yoakam) & Paul Samwell Smith (Cat Stevens/Carly Simon) Gil Norton (James/Foo Fighters) skills are coming out in me now I really need to share, and that’s where Barbaraville Records come in!


I remember as a young artist the thing I loved the most was getting support and attention from my manager and producers in development, the interest they took in me was second to none, a bit like having a great coach, and this is what I am most passionate about passing on, supporting artists both emotionally and creatively, so they know you will swim out as far as they will, and even farther, for when an artist knows this, they trust you like no other, and it is in this zone that great art can happen.


All of the artists featured here are very special folks and have been far out to sea.
But it is a sea of IN-TEG-RI-TY.


Love and light,
Martin xx

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