New Daintees album - Bayswater Road

We are very pleased to announce that Martin Stephenson and the Daintees have

released a new album! Find out more and all the details of how to order & read all

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Recording Ventures


On October 12th 2017, just before the Daintees tour, Martin performed at Winchester’s Railway Tavern, where he invited old pals James Cole and Neil James Morrison to join him, the following day they hung about and recorded in a Doctor’s house, Dr Barnaby by name who is big on acoustic recording, finding this eccentric surgeon through a random Google labelled 'recording studios in Winchester'  Dr Barnaby being the oddest name to come up???

They laid down some spontaneous and unique stuff featuring alternate takes of specific songs n tunes songs from MS' 35 year repertoire which should become available early January by limited download only at first, then a possible limited pre-order of 200 digipack/compact discs format probably only advertised via Facebook/Twitter and the Newsletter!

Keep an eye out!


In the coming weeks of mid December Martin will be back down in Airdrie working with Stuart Macleod in his Beetroot studios on some sparse solo acoustic recordings, Stuart is already currently mixing The Daintees Gladsome Humour & Blue 30th anniversary album which is very close to completion. The solo acoustic effort will be all originals apart from an unusual take on ‘She walks in beauty’ an early 17th century romantic poem by none other than the great Lord Byron, no great reason for this other than MS happening to stumble onto it in Anna Lavigne’s magic music room, never read Lord Byron, Martin did a similar thing in 88 with WB Yates whilst in Sligo visiting his grave and family home, laying ‘When all the young men’ which was channelled in the moment and placed on Yates’ grave:  "When all the young men are blown like the leaves, blown to the bastard of love’s young dream, with their diaries and dimples and hopes that will die, our poorly young souls of the earth will be seen, when all the young men are blown like the leaves, blown to the bastard of love’s young dream”  As soon as the poem was laid laid it suddenly started spitting rain, the fella Martin was with reached down to protect the poem from the rain but was asked to leave it, let it ink be washed away, just like sand sculptures get re-claimed by the tide… that was MS only interaction with any of Yate’s work, yet he feels totally connected to both poets?  essence amounts to an awful lot it seems, as much as memory and barking off facts we have no deep feelings for?

On this project he will be using lower budget guitars in the studio, such as a 2nd hand Taylor Big Baby, given to him by the young artist Nicky Murray, and also a small bodied Nylon strung ‘Simon & Patrick’ guitar which Martin and Nicky exchanged a few years back  for a Larivee parlour, he will also have his trusty K Yairi and the Furch Little Jane (travel guitar) that you might have seen being used on the recent tour!  a  folding guitar which fits in a backpack, great for travelling with.



In January Martin will be visiting Tollbooth Studios to work with his old pal Roberto Cassani, engineer will be Mark Lough

The idea is for Roberto and Martin to have five songs each, Roberto will take to double bass and Martin arch top guitar and they will cut some odd stuff, just to see what they can spin together, they are both greatly looking forward to this and are contemplating a spot at Edinburgh Festival.


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