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Christmas Gig in Newcastle           




I know, I know, I know, it is only just bleeding November, and I hate people banging on

about Christmas too early as much as anyone. However, you know what you lot are like

with your busy lives and everything....I thought it might just be an idea to mention this.

Martin and The Daintees are playing their Christmas special this year at Newcastle City

Hall. A classic venue that I'm sure holds many dear memories for some folk on this list.

It certainly does for Martin, as he explained to me below while travelling down from

Inverness last week...



"So many great gigs I saw there Rich.


First was Steve Harley in the early 70's when my sister who was only 15 herself took me!

I was just gone 12.


It has been every local musician's dream since it was built.


I remember a great Kinks concert of 1973, that changed my life it did, Ray Davies jumping

off the stage and walking up and down the isles, blew me away!


Frank Zappa.


Brand X with Peter Hammill supporting.


Magazine with Simple Minds supporting in 78/79, Howard Devoto's first appearance since leaving The Buzzcocks, the place erupted when he walked on stage!


Devo with The Members filling in for Doll by Doll, I was mentioning that to Nicky Tesco last year, The Members were one of the finest acts I ever saw.




The Pop Group with The Slits supporting.


The Rezillos, Santana.


In 1990 whilst watching my old pals Hothouse Flowers bring the house down, I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was their tour manager summoning me to join the lads for the last song.


I also remember meeting a young BRIAN Kennedy on the stairs one night as he was supporting Suzanne Vega


And going for drinks with Van the man after his brilliant performance alongside Georgie Fame, we all went back to the County Hotel I remember?


But the best gig I ever witnessed was The Patti Smith Group in 1978, where my pal Steve Corrigan, who was only 14 managed to catch one of Lenny Kaye's plectrums that he was tossing to the audience.


He gave it to me and in 1991 when I flew Lenny out to produce my 4th album  'The Boys Heart'   I returned it to him and he was gobsmacked, as he had not been back to Newcastle since that concert.


You also have to mention the great Lindisfarne who have an untouchable record at City Hall.


A great highlight for me was when the Kitchenware bands such as Prefab Sprout, Hurrah & the Daintees all played this wonderful venue.


The last time I played there was with Vonda Shepard in 2000.


MS xx


PS: not to forget Blondie and all the great wrestling events they put on, Adrian Street & Bobby Barnes those Hells Angels.


And the film 'Don't look back' filmed at City Hall during Bob Dylan's infamous Rolling Thunder Revue, rare footage of Alan Price & Dylan chatting in the dressing room only weeks after Price had left the Animals."


I'm no psychologist but I think our man is a bit excited about this one!


Here's the very important ticket link.


Suggest you get onto this one early as it is going to be a popular one as Daintees Christmas gigs in

the North East always are.       



And if you are struggling to get up North for this one, then the band are playing in London 3 nights

earlier at The Lexington. Tickets for that one are available here.

Again, it is expected to sell out so best crack on!



Have a great November!




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